Systems of measurement, control and management

The control of plant operation and monitoring data necessary for normal process control, as well as self-guidance of MBR plant depending on influent flow and concentration, is achieved through local PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) device, which is via modem connected to personal computer and SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition System), which integrates measurement control and data storage. The plant is completely self-guided (works automatically), and biological reaction takes place discontinuously with aerobic-anoxic processes. All electromotor drives are controlled via local PLC.

Submerged electromotor pumps have thermostatic protection and level controller. MCS (Management Control System) controls the process by activating and deactivating pumps. With level control inside MBR modules, which is achieved by level controllers, the plant operation is ensured. Inside the MBR reactor oxygen level probe is built in, and on the effluent exit there is  a turbidity probe. All measurements are performed by electronic meters in real time.

The automatics records measured values constantly, as well as process status, signals and alarms, thus controlling the operation of membrane bioreactor. Because of that all devices of self-guidance automatics) must be switched on all the time, under 230 V voltage, throughout UPS (uninterruptible Power Supply).

Measured values, process status, signalization and alarms are stored in data base of personal computer and they are shown on PC’s monitor (local or distant). All parameters are entered via personal computer.

Data on alarms are sent in form of SMS messages on chosen GSM mobile phones using the GSM modem. The function of communication, control and management via GSM is provided by built -in MV109 driver for PLC, which can also be used for distant diagnosing of MBR operation by using GSM modem, distant personal computer or special software.

The automatics operate as a process taking place in one or more stages at the same time. Activation of one stage is caused either by an exit from some condition or by some other external event. Each line of bioreactor has its own set of stages which are taking place independent from all other lines.

What is MBR?

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) is a technology belonging to the group of separation processes with biological treatment with active sludge.

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