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Water protection from pollution is carried out in order to preserve life and health of the people, for environmental protection, and enabling sustainable use of water for various purposes. Sources of water pollution are various human activities.

While thinking of water protection, we came to conclusion that wastewater treatment plant must provide the quality of treated wastewater which allows re-use.

We analyzed the possibilities of available technologies and it became clear that MBR technology best suited to the philosophy of sustainable development.

How can we define MBR plant and its role in total water management? If we want to achieve  rational use of water, without wasting it, this is the best choice available today in the market. Membrane technology allows successful and complete control and management of water resources. MBR can no longer be defined only as a plant, because it also introduces the ability of control and management at a higher level - it is the higher technology. The devices, such as coarse grids or flotators can not provide a higher level of control and management because they belong to the treatment of low levels of efficiency and low level technologies.

Also, underdimensioning or overdimensioning of continuous (classical) biological plants in practise often gives unexpectedly  inadequate results  of effluent quality. Considering the fact that in Croatia treated water is very often discharged into the recipient of IInd category, MBR technology is the most suitable technology for such sensitive locations.

With every right MBR is considered to be a higher technology, and as such it has the power of adding another level in wastewater treatment technologies;  the even higher – fourth level, which offers more than mere wastewater treatment – it also offers the ability of total wastewater management and control.

Main characteristics of this technology are:


  • Flexibility
  • Easy to manage
  • Space saving  (skid-mounted or stationary design)
  • Savings through water reuse
  • Possibility to use for different types of wastewater, both municipal and industrial

What is MBR?

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) is a technology belonging to the group of separation processes with biological treatment with active sludge.

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