Advantages of MBR technology

  • compactness and small layout size of the plant
  • simple management of the plant, as a result of high degree of automation (low dependence on human factor
  • small quantity of excess sludge and therewith connected costs
  • constant efluent quality, regardless of the influent  
  • operation costs are lower than in classical biological plant
  • complete bacteria removal
  • possibility of reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes or as process water
  • no odours emmision or noise 
  • fast construction, because of relatively small size of the plant
  • reduced quantity of chemicals needed for phosphorus reduction
  • reduces even slowly degradable BPK5
  • no risk of biomass loss
  • flexibility on maximal and minimal inflows, within the given parameters
  • no need for permanent crew
  • MBR technology belongs to the group of so called „Green Technologies“
  • possibility of underground or  surface type of construction, with architectural solutions  for blending in environment
  • MBR plants enable Total Wastewater Management

What is MBR?

MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) is a technology belonging to the group of separation processes with biological treatment with active sludge.

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